The One Thing You MUST DO To Feel CONNECTED Every Ride


(human + horse) + heart = harmony

All the trainers, breakers, coaches, and whisperers in the world can't solve this formula. It's not a special technique, saddle, or bit. You have to connect your heart to the heart of your horse. But how can you do that with all of life's stress, fear, and frustration that gets in the way?


You can't leave your problems at the gate. Like it or not, you bring them into the paddock with you. Discover how to regulate your emotions, calm your nerves, and conquer your fears.


Horses are hard-wired to be attuned to you. When you are anxious, afraid, or stressed, it affects your horse. That's a fact. Learn how to stay calm, at ease, and content, so that your horse willingly follows your lead.


Spending all day in your head, overthinking, worrying, and struggling, keeps you from your heart. Discover how science is confirming what we've felt all along: the heart is the source of connection.


When you and your horse are in synch, there is nothing you can't do. Learn to create a heart relationship with your horse so that optimal performance, partnership, and mutual enjoyment flow.

"I love your message and I firmly believe it could help so many horses live a much happier life with humans that have more compassion and softness. Thank you for what you do, it matters!" - Suzan

Learn how YOU can begin your harmonious partnership with your horse today!


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