One-on-one coaching to help you build a partnership with your horse that is meaningful and satisfying to YOU.

Equine Relationship Coaching

It's like couple's therapy for you and your horse!

Discover the 7 science-based inner skills to build your relationship the way YOU want it so that it is meaningful and satisfying to you and your horse. 

  • less anxiety and frustration, and more calm connection (for both of you)

  • build a partnership that is meaningful to you (rather than doing whatever you're told to do)

  • identify and break through what's holding you back from your goals

  • uncover and build on your strengths

  • bounce back from any challenge or adversity that comes your way

  • set goals that matter (and actually achieve them)

  • create a deep soul connection with your horse


The Enneagram for Horse People

Who you are affects your partnership with your horse. In this 2 part coaching program, you'll discover and explore your unique personality type, as well as how it is affecting you and your horse.

  • discover what 'makes you tick' 

  • get out of your own way

  • stop feeling inadequate or different

  • take charge of your life (in and outside the barn)

  • strengthen your relationships with others (and your horse, of course)

  • be a better friend (to both your 2- and 4-legged friends)


Positive Psychology for Equine Professionals

This program is designed for equine professionals, veterinarians, trainers, coaches, equine-partnered therapists, riding instructors, or any other equine professional who helps horses and their people.

You are good at helping horses. But sometimes it's the human partner who needs the guidance. Would you like to build positive psychology into your practice so that you have the words to say and the tools to use to help your human clients:

  • regulate their emotions to be more calm

  • identify and live by their values to get their priorities straight

  • increase their acceptance of themselves and their horse

  • identify and build on their strengths

  • build their resilience to manage difficult situations

  • create positive relationships with other humans and horses

  • set goals that are realistic and achievable

Get the training you need so that your human clients can carry forward all the hard work you've put into their horse.

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