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  • Elaine Sanders

The Enemy of Progress

I have to confess, I always thought that acceptance was a bad word. I thought that acceptance was the enemy of progress. Because if I just accept where I am, then how will I ever progress.

So I tried shoulding all over myself.

"I should be better."

"I should be further ahead with my horses."

"I shouldn't be feeling this way."

"I should have more clients."

"I should have more patience."

The list goes on.

But all this shoulding had the opposite effect.

Instead of advancing my progress, it was causing me to close my heart with tension, frustration, guilt, and shame. The result: I went backwards. I was harder on myself, harder on my horses, I forced and pushed and pulled, and I wasn't dancing with life anymore. It was the enemy of progress!

The enemy of progress is this: believing that you should be somewhere other than where you are right now.

The prerequisite of progress: accepting where you are right here, right now.

It turns out that accepting where you are doesn't mean that you stay there. It means that you finally just fully enter where you are. And when you fully enter where you are, you can then grow from there. But if you are never where you are, becasue you're always thinking about where you should be instead, how can you grow?

The result of acceptance: you open to the moment. This openness creates room for growth and expansion, for feelings of contentment, satisfaction, and self-accomplishment. From that vantage point, you're looking a lot closer to your goals, aren't you?

So the paradox is this: fight it and it persists; accept it and it transforms.

Sounds familiar doesn't it? "Those who hate their life will keep it and those who love their life will lose it." Suddenly that makes a whole lot more sense.

So pay attention. Where with your horses or in your life are you shoulding all over yourself? How's it going?

What would happen if you unconditionally accepted where you and your horse are at, and really just held the present moment?

Here's to you and your horse!

With heart,


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