• Elaine Sanders

STOP Trying to Forge Ahead

We horse people are always looking for a solution to one problem or another aren’t we?

I’ve come across countless questions from horse people, whether it’s on social media, in a magazine, online videos, or in one-on-one conversations.

My horse hates the trailer. How do I get him on?

My horse bites me. How do I make him stop?

My horse always walks off as I try to mount. How do I make her stand still while I get on?

My horse doesn’t pick up her feet. How do I get her to pick them up?

My horse doesn’t like to be touched. How do I get him used to me touching him?

My horse is hard to catch. How do I catch her?

These are all legit problems, there’s no denying that.

But in each case, we’re asking the wrong question. We’re looking for solutions, but in the wrong direction. We are looking ahead for the answers, when in reality, we should be looking backwards.

Here’s what I mean…

When you encounter a problem with a horse, don’t forge ahead. Don’t look for ways to get under, around, over, or through the problem.

When you encounter a problem with a horse, back up.

Strengthen the foundation.

Get back into the comfort zone.

Break down the steps.

Go back and fix what’s not working.

Because your problem isn’t your problem. It looks like the problem, but the actual issue is more foundational. And trying to fix what looks like the problem is like trying to do mouth to mouth on the canary in the mine. That’s not the problem. The problem is much more foundational.

Stop forging ahead. Stop trying to get him on the trailer. Stop trying to make him quit biting you. Stop trying to make her stand still. Stop trying to make her pick up her feet. Stop trying to touch him. Stop trying to catch her. Just stop trying to move ahead.

Back up.

When was the last time that your horse felt completely safe, comfortable, and at ease? Do more of that. Build trust. Build connection. Build that foundation.

And then, on that solid foundation, carry on.

What problem are you facing with your horse? How can you strengthen the foundation instead of forge ahead?

What problem are you facing in life? In relationships, at work, or elsewhere? How can you strengthen your foundation?

Are you looking for tips to strengthen your foundation? Click here.

Here’s to You and Your Horse!

With Heart,


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