• Elaine Sanders

Look Around and Enjoy the Ride

Shilo is new-ish for me and we haven’t had many rides together.

So I made sure that I started out by connecting to my heart, acknowledging then letting go of the things that were on my mind before tacking her up. Then when I got on, I made sure that my focus was clear and that we were in synch with each other. Everything was great and we were all-systems-go.

So we hit the trails.

It was great.

But her focus was off. She wasn’t worried or anxious. She was just looking side to side, back and forth. Never looking ahead, but always one way or the other.

I tried everything I could think of. I tried gently guiding her head back into a straight line. I tried being hyper-focused on the trail in front of us. My body, my mind, and my intention were right on point.

But she just kept looking around.

Then I almost heard her say, “Look around! Like me!”

And I looked around.

That’s when I saw the scenery.

The leaves are turning colour. There’s flashes of red and yellow in the underbrush. There’s yellow leaves dotting the trail. Wild cucumber vines hang from old tree trunks fallen across the river. A bald eagle rises from the river a stone’s throw away. Autumn sunlight filters through the canopy of elm leaves. It’s spectacular.

I felt my heart open up as my eyes took in God’s painting all around me.

As soon as I widened my focus to take in the bigger picture with appreciation and awe, Shilo straightened up. She stopped looking side to side and found her straightness, as if her message had gotten through to me.

As long as I stayed in appreciation and awe in the scenery around us, Shilo stayed straight. But as soon as I became overly focused on the tasks to do, she looked around, bending this way and that.

It was clear to me that she wanted me to enjoy the ride.

It was also clear to me that I don't just do this on Shilo. I get hyper-focused in so many areas of my life. Work. Relationships. Finances. Cleaning the house. Making a meal. I get so focused in what I'm doing that I miss out on so much. I try to make things perfect and while I'm so focused on that, I miss out on how perfect life is all around me.

Time to look around and enjoy the ride.

When was the last time you looked around and enjoyed the view?

When was the last time you picked your head out of your "tasks" to enjoy the life around you?

When was the last time you appreciated God’s painting with joy and wonder?

What is your horse trying to tell you through his or her behaviour?

Here’s to You and Your Horse

With heart,


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