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Equine Relationship Coaching

It's like couple's therapy...for you and your horse.

Equine Relationship Coaching: Video
  • Are you tired of trying this technique and that method, copying this trainer and that instructor, trying so hard to form a connection with your horse that feels deep and meaningful?

  • Does it feel like you're missing something really important with your horse, but you have no idea what?

  • Did you used to imagine that you would feel more satisfied with your horse than you do?

  • Do you feel like there's some room for growth in your relationship with your horse?

Equine Relationship Coaching: About

What is it?

Equine Relationship Coaching is one-on-one conversations about the 7 INNER SKILLS that are necessary to build a meaningful relationship with your horse.

I'll share information and science with you about each skill and how it relates with your relationship with your horse. Then we'll discuss tools and methods that you can use to increase your skill level to build a meaningful and satisfying relationship with your horse.

Here's what to expect:

  • easy-going, comfortable teaching/coaching conversations where we can laugh, talk, and explore each skill.

  • an engaging lesson about each skill to explain what it is and how it impacts you

  • questions to guide you on where your skill level is affecting you and your horse

  • strategies to develop the skill with your horse

  • extrapolating the use of the skill to the rest of your life

  • an amazing pdf workbook that contains all concepts, questions, and references so you can print it off and keep it forever

Equine Relationship Coaching: Text

The 7 Inner Skills to Build a Meaningful Connection With Your Horse

Everyone knows that you have to be calm, patient, and present to work with a horse.  BUT HOW?
Welcome to the first every coaching program that tells you exactly HOW to build those inner skills that are so necessary in working with horses.

Skill #1: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and accept emotions within yourself and within your horse. It involves being able to intentionally regulate your own emotions and use them effectively to enhance your partnership with your horse.

  • learn how to conquer your anxiety, frustration, fear, and overwhelm

  • be able to read and respond appropriately to your horse's emotions, especially fear and anxiety

  • discover how your emotions affect your horse

  • explore how you and your horse can both be more calm, cool, and connected

  • discover how to use your emotions to optimize performance - both your own and your horse's

  • learn how to use your emotions rather than be used by them

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Skill #2: Meaning & Valued Living

Meaning and values go hand in hand. When your decisions with your horse are guided by your values, you create more meaningful interactions and relationships.

  • rediscover your spark, enthusiasm, and motivation with your horse

  • create a relationship that matters to both you and your horse

  • discover how to make sense of even the most difficult situations with your horse

  • make decisions easily and effortlessly 

  • eliminate acting out on anger, anxiety, fear, or overwhelm

  • set goals that make each interaction deeply satisfying and meaningful

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Skill #3 Working with Weaknesses

Weaknesses are your personal characteristics that get in the way of your wellbeing when it comes to your relationship with your horse. Some weaknesses can be resolved, while others cannot. Either way, the way you work with your weaknesses impacts your wellbeing more than the weakness itself.

  • discover how to work with your weaknesses rather than against them

  • decrease criticism of yourself and your horse

  • become less rigid, perfectionistic, and judgmental 

  • learn how to handle it when you or your horse makes a mistake

  • eliminate fear of not being good enough

  • become a more compassionate friend to your horse

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Skill #4: Maximizing Strengths

Maximizing strengths involves identifying and developing your in-born tendencies of thinking, feeling, and behaving to enhance your wellbeing, development and performance with your horse in a way that feels authentic and energizing to you.

  • learn how to work with your horse in a way that is exciting, motivating, and enjoyable for both you and your horse

  • feel authentic, genuine, and uniquely yourself as you interact with your horse rather than copying others

  • stop putting out fires with your horse, fixing one problem then the next

  • develop your natural strengths as well as your horse's

  • stop beating yourself up about problems and faults and learn to see the opportunity in "problems"

  • discover Strengths-Based Horsemanship

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Skill #5: Overcoming Challenges

Challenges with your horse can be here one day and gone the next, or the they can last for a long time. Either way, facing challenges, holdups, barriers, and obstacles with your horse is bound to happen. Your resilience determines how you overcome those challenges to enhance your wellbeing despite the setbacks.

  • increase your resilience, you ability to handle challenges and bounce back

  • learn how to deal with negative events with your horse

  • discover how to appreciate the small positive things

  • look at your problems in a way that builds you and your horse's relationship rather than blocks it

  • explore what it really means to be an optimist with your horse

  • learn how to tame your inner control freak, without giving in or giving up

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 3.44.14 PM.png

Skill #6: Setting Goals

Knowing how to set meaningful, appropriate, and effective goals with your horse is just as important as taking the steps to get there.

  • learn how to set clear goals that are attainable, clear, effective, and motivating

  • gain focus and clarity in each interaction with your horse

  • feel more energized and motivated

  • boost your confidence to learn new skills and enhance your belief in your ability to reach your goals

  • overcome obstacles that get in the way of you achieving your goal, without feeling down about yourself

  • learn how to enjoy every moment with your horse, whether you're progressing towards a goal, or not

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Skill #7: Going Deeper

If you want a deep connection with your horse, you have to go deep. Going deeper involves connecting to the deeper parts of yourself first so that you can meet your horse from that level.

  • discover where true deep satisfaction comes from and rise above feeling hurt, rejected, unloved, defensive, aggressive, or disrespected by your horse

  • stop comparing yourself and your horse to others to either beat yourself up or to feel better about yourself

  • discover exactly what to do to deal with negative thoughts

  • free your horse from the pressure of needing him/her to fill your needs

  • become a student of the horse to deepen your relationship with God

  • explore and be guided by your True Self

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Don't know what's right for you?

Take the assessment to find out.

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Equine Relationship Coaching: Services

One of a kind...

There is nothing like Equine Relationship Coaching out there.

It's only here that you'll learn the inner skills to work with your horse in such a way that it is meaningful and satisfying to both you and your horse - no matter what method you use.

This really is the missing link in all horsemanship.

It's time for you to build the partnership of your dreams, starting within yourself.

Your horse doesn't want a relationship with a method. He wants a relationship with YOU. With these inner skills you can bring your best self to your horse.

Your horse will thank you!

What's the investment?

You can click and explore any of the individual skills to see the individual investment. 

Or if you choose to build all 7 inner skills, the investment is: 

$700 CND (plus tax) 

Do the math, and you'll see that you save $140 when you build all 7!

Click the link below and leave me a message saying that you want all 7 Inner Skills.

Equine Relationship Coaching: Text
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