The Enneagram for Horse People

The way you see the world impacts how you see your horse. It impacts how you interpret your horse's behaviour, how you respond to your horse, and how you relate to your horse.

How do you see the world?

The Enneagram is a system that helps you understand your most important relationship...YOU! It helps you understand how you see the world.

Once you understand yourself, it's easier to understand your horse and connect.

There are 9 patterns of personality. You follow one of those patterns without even realizing it. That means that your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your horse are being dictated by this pattern. If you don't know what your patterns are they are running you.

But when you know and understand your pattern you can: 

  • know what makes you tick

  • discover what drives you to do what you do with your horse

  • explore your automatic habits that are harming your relationship

  • discover a guide to grow through your pattern, rather than be a slave to it

  • break free from the fear, anger, or low self-worth that is holding you back

  • truly understand yourself

  • more clearly see your horse's behaviour for what it is, rather than how you interpret it

  • form a deep connection between your real self and your horse

In this 90 + 30 minute coaching program, you'll:

  1. discover your pattern (you'll finally get why you do what you do!)

  2. understand the other 8 patterns as well (the people in your life will suddenly make so much more sense)

  3. draw connections between your pattern and your current relationship with your horse

  4. explore a path to grow through your pattern

  5. create a plan to build a relationship with your horse from the new place beyond your pattern

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